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@atoker @benwerd @jeresig I'll add that preserving digital culture is a hard problem - sites go, formats become unreadable, etc..

@atoker @benwerd @jeresig Kind of agree, but at least with self owned the damage is compartmentalised. Preserving digital culture is a hard problem.

Good read, and the last paragraph sums up why and similar are important to avoid a very distopian future

@edent @OpenRightsGroup Case study of why silo's suck :/ Have you considered events from your own site? Pushed to twitter/fb etc

Ran a successful first full test of my Flickr to @withknown photo and video import tool ( overnight!

Might be a case of a customised @withknown install - use the photo tool + skin to expose flickr's custom metadata

I think my commitment for 2015 might be to find a way of importing and self hosting my photos (currently on flickr).

Pondering whether upload_with_media & QR codes might be a hack to get syndicated twitter posts feeding back comments...

I trust all those joining know about the ? If not, go find out about it: