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@evandropastor You can use it for your blog, like wordpress, but it's new, modern and from the ground up.

A @withknown patch to add SQLite3 support

Reading the HTTPS page, wondering if there's a potential for level 7 powered by Tor

Doing server upgrades, so finally pulled my finger out and moved my blog over to https only with HSTS and a 301 redirect.

@benwerd But you could equally say "while identity is needed to get a domain, I'm fundamentally opposed to "

Messing around with tor hidden services, @withknown now happily running

Heh heh, my UPS' now talk to me through my @withknown status tracker.

Because someone asked (forget who) - post issues/reply to comments on github from your @withknown site:

@benwerd And what is choosing to chase the bottom line instead of what's moral if not an ideological decision?

Sweet! This tweet was sent via my known site on the command line!