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If you're still supporting at this stage you are either a hopeless ideologue, or an idiot.

@JessicaSuess Ahh, this was me bitching about the idiocy of , and was before I started hearing about the latest school shooting in FL (18th this year!)

It's such a shame UKIP has closed its freepost address, I'd love to post their racist horseshit back to them...

Conversation over a dinner at the w/e. is stripping me of my citizenship, and replacing it with a much less valuable one. Fact that some places offer citizenship for money (e.g. Cyprus), and part of the value is that it's EU too, means EU citizenship has a market value.

A triumph of racism over national interest: well done you dumbass brexiters

In these days of Trump and , sadly still relevant: Don't be a sucker!

Just wrote to my new MP about , for what it's worth...

Increasingly embarrassed by the puerile nation I happen to have a passport for, looking forward to Scottish independence.

They want to strip me of my identity, rights & deport half my friends and family. There is no common ground with brexiters.