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If ever you suffer from impostor syndrome, just think for a moment of the British Parliament. Never before in the field of human politics has a pooch been screwed so badly, for so many, by so few.

All the coverage brings to mind how the dinosaurs might have tried to vote away the asteroid.

Merged in a whole bunch of @withknown patches, most notably, most external dependencies are now loaded by composer. More to come.

Bad news, realised I missed pancake day. Good news, in a bizarre convergence of events, I have flour, eggs and milk in the house...

TIL: Elgg session tables don't like being converted to utf_mb4, although that's not immediately obvious. Results in system messages that can never be deleted if they were created before the session id changes, and much hair pulling.

One fringe benefit of is that the pound has tanked so much I'm a super attractive hire for overseas companies. Silver linings, I guess...

Social media archaeology.. oh, the cringe!

You are responsible for your own happiness, and nobody is coming to save you.

Vaguely tuning back in to and I'm reminded of those students who'd spend the summer partying and leave all their homework to the Sunday afternoon before they go back to class.