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Holy cow, I actually found a practical use for PHP traits.

Data migration guide to move from hosted to self hosted @withknown contributed by a Known community member:

May have coined a new term today, "a Bagpuss": someone who, when they awake, forces everyone else to wake up too. E.g. "Sorry I'm tired, my housemate is a bit of a Bagpuss, and woke me up when they went to work"

What are the options for bot / spam blocking on the server that isn't recaptcha?

Whole bunch of @withknown changes just merged. Update and kick the tires!

If ever you suffer from impostor syndrome, just think for a moment of the British Parliament. Never before in the field of human politics has a pooch been screwed so badly, for so many, by so few.

Replied to a post on :

Hi, just swinging back to this. I'd be keen to look at any PRs.

Some notes and thoughts:

* Mention.js is currently disabled, not sure why (perhaps @benwerd can supply context), but as of time of writing it's a deletion candidate (#2364) because it's been disabled for so long.
* The @-mention js points to a search endpoint, so it'd make sense to reuse this somehow
* The nicknames db should also probably handle local users too (perhaps this could be handled between the difference between @mapkyca and @{} )
* The friend/follow stuff is still there, but has probably suffered some bitrot. If we're going to reuse this it'd make sense to reuse some of the parsing / follow stuff and bring it into a nicer workflow. So far you can follow a url (which works off a bookmarklet - obviously needs to be done better), and then MF2 is parsed, with a UI to allow you to edit and fill in any blanks. Crucially, the UX is a bit clunky, and we need to do a "proper" engineering job on it - i.e. make the code reusable and not have it stuck in the action endpoint.
* Crucially, the friend/follow stuff works off the concept of a RemoteUser, which is an entity that already exists. So, it would make sense if this was reused.

Like I said, I would love to look at PRs for this, especially if it means dusting off some of the friend follow stuff. This has always been on my "copious amounts of free time" list, but I've never had a chance to get to it.

All the coverage brings to mind how the dinosaurs might have tried to vote away the asteroid.

Merged in a whole bunch of @withknown patches, most notably, most external dependencies are now loaded by composer. More to come.