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Just merged a fairly substantial database schema change for @withknown. Back up your database before upgrading (you are doing this already, right?)

Oh hi! We want you to put together a UK & Europe wide database of COVID19 reagents. Oh, you only have 9 days to do it, and developing tests for Corona will basically be impossible without it. No pressure!

TIL Installing docker along side a KVM is... a bad idea.

I have saved so much money on my food bill through the simple act of being forced to plan a bit more. Less waste, more money saved. No time wasted at the supermarket being tempted by stuff I don't need.

Here was me thinking I was a frugal individual already!

Corona learnings.. Enterprising folks have jumped into the gap left by the big supermarkets being swamped and are offering their own deliveries. Local co-op now has locally produced farm goods! Shorter supply chains seem to be more resilient, who knew?

Three things that need to happen after all this: Repatriation of critical manufacturing. Punitive tariffs against all goods from China to encourage that repatriation. Defunding of the W.H.O.

Contemplating the future. Pivoting plans. Adapting. One positive about all this is that it's really clarified a few things that I want to do in the future.