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Happy International Hangover Day! Space aliens, now is a good time to invade.

@jgmac1106 Well, "client" may be a bit strong, but we definitely need a "following" page, with a feed of stuff from the people you're following...

@jgmac1106 @benwerd Yep, much. Just hidden. I think functionally the only major part missing is the actual feed client. Follow and remote friends functions and adds to the feeds to follow. UX probably needs some work. Much possible now that wasn't then.. PRs welcome!

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The capture API seems to have slightly different behaviour on every device, and we ran into this issue last year some time. Something must have changed, because it used to offer a choice between capture and camera roll.

@jgmac1106 @benwerd @cleverdevil Corrected a few issues I saw, give it a go!

Lets bring this Friday back to the 70's:

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Github actions has just been enabled, and I've yet to get into it, but it might be possible to do something maybe with npm..

Christmas holiday makers relieved as Gatwick Airport authorities deploy drone countermeasures:

@mrclay_org Wow. Had forgot about this one!

Lets make this Thursday more 80s!