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Seeing something I haven't seen before, building something that never existed before.

Collecting new skills and experiences like precious shinies.

Artisanal bit wrangler & @elgg expert, Open Science and Indieweb, @withknown core contributor.

Hacker, Wanderer.

Have laptop, will travel.

I wrote to my MP a couple of days ago about this, for what it's worth. We are really entering a dangerous world:

Remember, in CurrentYear, _every_ company is a software company. Don't treat IT just as a "cost", it's critical to your business.

This morning I have mostly been sitting in the ER, due to a 5 am argument with a French press.

Fair warning. When I rule the world, the words "Lockdown" and "Social distancing" will be banned, and people who post mask selfies will be sent to the camps

Seems Baldrick's latest Cunning Plan to deal with the increase of positive covid tests is ... wait for it... another Lockdown.

What a surprise.

Hilarious fun at the day job - major UK hosted EU science organisations taken offline because they're no longer hosted in the EU. Some folks at the EURID (.eu domain controller) are about to get an angry phone call from some folks at the European Commission.

Switched around the @withknown branches. Bleeding edge is now "dev", and there's a "stable" branch pointing at the last tagged release. A branch for both the bold and the cautious, choose your poison.

The leader of the opposition demands to know why more virgins weren't sacrificed sooner. Sunset deniers still doubt the effectiveness of virgin sacrifice despite government sunrise statistics

Prime minister admits that more virgins may need to be sacrificed in order to ensure the sun's rebirth tomorrow. This comes in the wake of reports that the sun is setting for yet another night.

So that's 80 MPs out of 650 who aren't authoritarian bootlicking weasels then. Genuinely surprised the number was that high.