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@jeremyjmonroe Yep! I generally suggest people want to track github

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Check you gc_probability setting in php.ini

@jeremyjmonroe Well there's certainly been a lot done since then!

@jeremyjmonroe Depending on what version you're running, I think it has mostly been incremental changes and low level stuff (multiple language support for example).

@squiddle @withknown Yeah, it's annoying. There's still the bookmarklet and chrome app though...

@benwerd I remember back in the day, shortly after the second Gulf war, I turned down a very tasty contract to do "things with computers" in the green zone. I could have bought a house after 6 months, but somehow it didn't seem worth it to trade my immortal soul for.

@benwerd Easier said than done of course, and unintended consequences applies. But, you can at least stop doing the obviously evil things, and telling lies to yourself about what you do.

@benwerd I think the solution is for individuals in tech to stop going around acting like children, and to accept the responsibility as individuals for their actions and the tools they write. I see no other way out of this mess.

...But personally I'm dumbstruck every time I turn the tap on and drinkable water comes out.

I mean, think about it. Think of all the countless things that have had to have gone right for this to be possible. Breaks my brain.