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@jgmac1106 @cleverdevil @benwerd What behaviour / errors are you seeing? More generally, import is _hard_ and the WordPress import is not a particularly well trodden path, although I did a lot to make it better a little while ago. Worked with the samples I had at the time though.

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Yes, OG tags should always be present, that's normal.

However, on my site, when I disable "avatar as icon", the og:image flips from the profile icon to the default K icon.

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Retina icons shouldn't be profile pics however, they're mainly for if you bookmark the page on your iThing so you get a Known icon rather than the default.

Kudos for hiring Tom Hardy in Venom. It makes it much easier for guys to convince their Mrs to see a super hero movie for date night.

@flatpooks Will check it out... /cc @benwerd

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I haven't been able to replicate - I can connect to twitter (latest build of the plugin, and latest known from github).

Server is PHP 7 / Apache2.

When you hit the connect to twitter button, do you get forwarded to twitter and are asked to authorise the app there?

I have a bunch of .pot gettext files which need to be translated. Are there any (online) tools to make it easy for people to submit translations for strings? I seem to remember the Ubuntu project used to have something, but that doesn't *seem* to be the case any more...

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Yeah, the open graph plugin was something I wrote a while ago but the code was essentially merged into core and so that plugin is deprecated.

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Anything in your logs?

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I'd argue that if this only shows when "Avatar as icon" is set, then this isn't a bug and things are behaving as expected...