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While the US is having a fire on an oil tanker, the UK has sunk their ship and is congratulating themselves for being first on the life boat

For the next four years, I'm just going to turn on random episodes of The West Wing, and pretend its CSPAN.

Wow. I just got my first Welsh language spam. Talk about niche, also how the hell did I end up on that list?!

LOL America. Nope.

As much as some in tech assert that democracy is broken, it is not. However, decisions are made by those who show up. Get involved!

@EatPodcast @withknown That's the latest packaged release, but the latest code is in Github.

Sign of times: concerns raised for a group trip that we can't have flights that transit the USA, on account of it being too dangerous.

Every time you send me a HTML only email, I'll punch a puppy in the face.

Totalitarianism in the age of Trump: ... interesting read.