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Seeing something I haven't seen before, building something that never existed before.

Collecting new skills and experiences like precious shinies.

Technology Strategist & @elgg expert, occasional @withknown contributor, Hacker, Wanderer.

Have laptop, will travel.

Stop using the word "less" when you mean "fewer". People of the internets, learn how to words good!

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Awesome, glad to hear!

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Is this working on more recent builds? I seem to remember fixing this...

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Did 89409b855fed4eb8592b984234db3c24d80a83f6 do anything to help this?

.... and Trump locks in his second term.

@hypeDiscovery Cool, and thanks! Yeah, I have heard that the bureaucracy is a nightmare from a bunch of folk!

I've just updated @withknown's version of Font Awesome. Plugin authors, you might need to change your class names...

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I've enabled write access.

@mrclay_org Indeed. I've not had much time to really deep dive, but I've got enough to understand the tech. Have high hopes for React Native as well - finally able to do some app building without needing the full Apple stack!

Playing around with React.js