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@benwerd Nothing wrong with a bit of manscaping.

Polite nudge to remind you that if you're looking for full stack PHP/Web, WordPress, Elgg or Known development, you should definitely get in touch!

@guardian Given that it already has, I call bullshit.

@benwerd Anyway, give me a nudge if you want some training advice!

@benwerd I'll declare a personal bias against veganism, as I see it very much a first world neurosis, but that's just me ;)

@benwerd Exercise yes. Veganism, think very carefully about. It *is* possible to live healthily that way, but if you're training as well it'll likely sabotage your progress. Plus most vegan diets tend to be based around exclusion.. not good

Pushed a bunch of @withknown changes: translation hooks for templates, PHP 7.2 compatibility, refresh/remove option for link previews, a couple of bug fixes, and Gettext support.

@doorstomanual @benwerd Me too. Not that I'm suicidal, but sometimes it's nice to imagine never having being born. As for a future... well, I've never imagined that I (and anyone else for that matter) has one. Not a good one, anyway.

@JessicaSuess Ahh, this was me bitching about the idiocy of , and was before I started hearing about the latest school shooting in FL (18th this year!)

America shredded the constitution because of a couple of sky scrapers, but yet you can't do anything about three 9/11s worth of deaths EACH YEAR because "Oh, second amendment".

Grow up.