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@AneliseHShrout What do you need to know? :) There's also the mailing list and IRC channel....

Science works bitches! Climate deniers, God botherers and folk who think opinions are the same thing as facts can go suck it.

Did anything ever come of that EU associate membership for Remainers that was mooted a while ago?

Apropos, could @cloudflare finally pull the plug on 4chan?

No platform for Nazis. Lets all commit to boycott any company that supports these arseholes in any way.

Looks like cloudflare and others are busy closing Nazi websites. Good. Although a little too late perhaps...

Apropos, think very carefully about what data you disclose to US (and other 5 eyes country) based cloud services.

If you think that tech is a-political, and this shit doesn't matter, and they're not coming for you, you're deluding yourselves.

Facebook is the largest database of Jews, LGBQT & black people ever created, & are only a NSL away from Trump's friends who want them killed

Public service announcement for @realDonaldTrump ... if your side has Nazis on it, you're probably the baddies..