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Seeing something I haven't seen before, building something that never existed before.

Collecting new skills and experiences like precious shinies.

Technology Strategist & @elgg expert, occasional @withknown contributor, Hacker, Wanderer.

Have laptop, will travel.

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Swinging back to this - now minify is handled by Grunt, we could stick a babel task on prior to that to backport.

Any thoughts?

Today I had an unknown substance injected into my arm, because Science!

I'm sure super powers will follow shortly.

While I'm sure everyone appreciates a job well done, the loud coital vocalisations from my neighbours this summers eve are rather distracting... not to mention... disturbing.

@GeertjanW Ooo... I've been so head down on other stuff, I had no idea that netbeans had been taken over by apache...!

If you're struggling to work out why Netbeans no longer works correctly on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS it is because Netbeans doesn't work with JRE > 1.8. Download and install the Oracle 1.8 JDK.

I waste hours and hours so you don't have to.

@UTSOllie @withknown The project is still under active development!

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Certainly going to be using Grunt more and more to manage css, js and other assets - definitely seems like the way to go. Also should make certain things in the future easier - e.g. vue/react fronts, etc.

I would certainly like to move the CSS over to SASS or similar, and yes, it would make sense to have themes take advantage. But that's a little ways off right now!

Couple of @withknown changes this w/e: CLI installer can now handle non-MySQL database engines, and I've moved JS/CSS minify from yui to Grunt (as it should better handle es6, and also gives us more options moving forward)

@drikkes @withknown AFAIK, yes, unfortunately :( ... Facebook have changed their API to stop posting, c'est la vie!