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The value index is necessary for various metadata value searches, so probably needs to be kept.

I no longer have access to a postgres install, so it'd be really handy if you could submit a PR with a failing test that reproduces this issue..

New found respect for the Queen giving the Tories a Royal trolling today!

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I wonder if we could use something like to do this on the fly.

We'd need to introduce a redirect for javascript, much like we had for the machine version caching, which @benwerd removed last year (not sure why)

Note to self, if you want to be productive, don't take antihistamines in the morning.

Fun fact from history, revolutions have started over less:

Tories want poor people dead. Remember this when you vote.

Tories, as well as gutting the emergency services, voted down a rule that would have put sprinklers in Grenfell

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Going to say this is probably better done in a plugin...

At the moment tags aren't actually stored as an explicit list (they're a bit of magic between some regex to turn a hashtag into a link, and the search function built in to Known).

A plugin to do this would, I imagine, listen to the save event to catch an object, parse the body text for hashtags, and then update some list of tags - possibly incrementing a counter based on how many times it's seen etc.

This data could then be used to construct the view you describe.

Just rewrote and updated the @withknown API documentation:

This is just getting silly, I'm ending it.

Theresa May.... doesn't she look tired..?