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Shouldn't work, but here's tonight's soundtrack:

For any folks who are using it, I've backported the extraction stuff I did for @withknown url unfurl into php-ogp: updated both.

Just pushed an update to @withknown hosted which should fix the issues some people were having with bookmarks, let me know if you're still having trouble!

That biennial trepidation at the prospect of upgrading a Debian install remotely over SSH.

Thanks! Yeah, that was a fun break, love Berlin!

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Was mulling the idea of writing an entity fingerprinting method which forms a hash over title and description and a few other things for something else, might be handy for this.

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Hmm... seems sufficient to set ```$ltrimFirstTextNode = false``` in the ```if ($alterInline) {``` block, although I don't know the code so I can't say if this'll screw anything up...

HT Someone in my follows (which I can't find now, but awesome, thanks): curl -s

Why the hell did we bother with all those hundreds tens and units crap at school when the Japanese multiplication method is just *so much easier*?

Fixed the @withknown Vagrant build and moved it out of core into its own repo: ... tidy, and more flexible.