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So, the UK has begun its grand experiment as a xenophobia based economy. This can't possibly go wrong.

Ha! Thanks @ukip, I've not laughed this hard in a while!

Replied to a post on :

Hmm... I'm not sure how to replicate... I've been running mongo for ages and have received many webmentions and likes...

Kate Tempest - Europe Is Lost (Official Video)

@physcocode @withknown @benwerd @erinjo ... it's just folk are very busy :)

@physcocode @withknown @benwerd @erinjo Hearing that a lot. Nothing sinister in not building a "release package" for a while...

@physcocode @withknown @benwerd @erinjo Depends on what you mean by release :) Github/Master is always fresh!

This thread makes very interesting reading...

@physcocode @withknown @benwerd @erinjo Not sure what you mean, myself and others contribute code almost every day!

Are we seriously going to adopt this racist American bullshit? Special relationship in action.