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Seeing something I haven't seen before, building something that never existed before.

Collecting new skills and experiences like precious shinies.

Artisanal bit wrangler & @elgg expert, Open Science and Indieweb, @withknown core contributor.

Hacker, Wanderer.

Have laptop, will travel.

Discussing petabyte data processing at synchrotrons - electrons, photons and neutrons. Oh my.

The British government needs to grant refugee status to every one of the 8 million Hong Kong residents, and bring them to safety. They're British, and need protection.

Running FV saving / investment projections for some folks. Behold, I have become Reality, the destroyer of Dreams.

I think the education bubble is finally about to burst.

Rewatching Buffy. The most striking thing I notice, after all these years... everyone has ... terrible posture.

Really enjoying playing around with OpenID Connect... simple, and solves many problems!

One good thing about is that it is saving me a lot of time - been doing recon over the years trying to work out where I want to live. Now, to save time, I just need to look at which countries and states became authoritarian shitholes, and strike them off the list.

OAuth server and Client in Known now has provisional support for OpenID Connect, fun times!

I had forgotten just how truly terrible development in Java is. Can we all agree it was a bad idea, take it off into the woods and have it shot?