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Absolutely totally the right thing to do & I can see no possible way this'll go spectacularly wrong *slow hand clap*

Unexpectedly free, so pushed a couple of @withknown fixes, including audio file updating and better handling of large exports.

There's also a similar problem for RSS export, which is harder to solve..

Indeed... it just iterates through the entities. We'd need to expand the exportRecords methods with a range to allow iteration in the export...

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You can drag and drop your pages to reorder them on the page management page

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I think we need a different method of export to construct json output in chunks rather than one massive blob

Tl;Dr, it's hard to get people to agree capitalism is a good idea when they can never acquire capital:

25th the 45th already!

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Odd... looks like comments (well, webmentions at least) are being generated with a weird permalink, not sure why.

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I really like this...

Would it be as simple as having an inline comment box, which has the in reply to field automatically filled with the posse channel if one already specified?