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day is the Friday 29th March and the following Monday is April 1st. I'm starting to wonder if this whole thing might be the best long-con April fools day prank in history...

I think 17 hours work is enough for one day! Peace. Out.

First post from my known iPhone app!

Loving GUNSHIP's new album.

Kudos for hiring Tom Hardy in Venom. It makes it much easier for guys to convince their Mrs to see a super hero movie for date night.

I have a bunch of .pot gettext files which need to be translated. Are there any (online) tools to make it easy for people to submit translations for strings? I seem to remember the Ubuntu project used to have something, but that doesn't *seem* to be the case any more...

Latest @withknown builds include, among other things, more i18n hooks and JSON+LD structured data for the site and objects.

I am a modern cultured English man of the world. I can ask "Do you speak English?" in 9 languages!

Experimenting by slowly putting some of the photos from various trips on Redbubble:

Be nice to people who have to maintain your shitty code. Don't, in the rats nest of includes to your form, hide a required input by setting a containing div to display:none, thus leaving them scratching their head as to why it won't submit.