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Special Order 936: Priority one. Consume all the coffee. All other considerations secondary.

Anyone know of any IT recruitment agencies specialising (or at least handling) international recruitment? Full time or contract.

I know everyone likes to complain about their postal service, it's a common thread that binds us all. However, the US postal service really is, as Pratchett put it, "Handing your letter to a dwarf who looks like they're going in the right direction"

Having some mail server issues this morning. Anyone who needs to reach me urgently, please DM or at me

Happy Thanksgiving my transatlantic chums

The moral of today's story is "never perform software upgrades on a school night". Work machine now back up after 14 frustrating hours.

Me: "I'm trying to own fewer things, and de-clutter my life!". Also Me: Orders a bunch of stuff off Amazon

First syndicated post test from my Known iPhone client!

Anyone got a contact for the gent who gave a pitch at yesterday's looking for freelancers? Didn't manage to catch him before he left.

First time back at last night, great talks (and amusing change of pace with beat boxing and standup comic sets amid the tech talks)!