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Discussing EU Science data sharing personas

A moment of sadness as I place the last of my, faded, Elgg t-shirts into the recycling...

Opinion: IT Companies and organisations that don't go remote-first, and instead insist on on-prem for staff, will find it impossible to hire talent post lockdown.

Re-engineering a major project with GraphQL mutations

Discussing petabyte data processing at synchrotrons - electrons, photons and neutrons. Oh my.

The British government needs to grant refugee status to every one of the 8 million Hong Kong residents, and bring them to safety. They're British, and need protection.

Running FV saving / investment projections for some folks. Behold, I have become Reality, the destroyer of Dreams.

I think the education bubble is finally about to burst.

Rewatching Buffy. The most striking thing I notice, after all these years... everyone has ... terrible posture.