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"I just want poor people to die!", said Theresa May, leader of the "I-want-poor-people-to-die party"

Jeremy Corbyn: A politician branded "unelectable", by the unelected.

At this point, is the GOP anything other than ISIS for evangelical Christians?

An important question to ask representatives who voted to repeal the ACA: When the revolution comes, where are you going to hide?

Briefly contemplated finally upgrading my phone, but then realised I didn't want to sell my kidneys.

Genuinely will not be surprised if terminally ill people now start suicide bombing government buildings.

Wow @easyjet... want to give you money, but your website won't let me. Well done, business fail.

Happy May day, keep the Red Flag flying!

Can anyone suggest a javascript library to do link preview / url unfurling? Seems like something that should be solved by now...

Fever The Ghost : ... this may be my new favourite video.