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So, one year until the free-wheeling out of control trolley of state hits the concrete wall of reality. One year for the adults in the room to hit the brakes before it's too late.

As an accidental early adopter of BitBucket, and so actually have my real name as my user id, it's astonishing how may folk accidentally give me write access to their repos.

For those of you not on IRC or tracking commits, I've just added multiple photo support to @withknown master branch, check it out!

The Leave campaign lied to the British people in the run up to the vote, we need a referendum based on facts:

What's the big deal about having a second referendum on ? Even my computer asks me "are you sure?" when I'm about to do something irreversible and potentially damaging, surely major constitutional change should get at least that level of safeguard?

My APC UPS has started beeping - 5 beeps in two sets of two followed by a single beep. The light blinks red, then goes back to green. Happens seemingly at random. Guessing this is a fault, and have tried replacing the battery, but nothing in the manual or on google. Any ideas?

Listening to Radio 4. Jesus, when the hell did Marxism become fashionable again?! Surely we've grown past that BS...

Reminder again for folk; never put anything on the internet you wouldn't mind seeing on a billboard.

For those fleeing Facebook, I'll just mention that Elgg, Known and various other FOSS social network tools exist. You might also like taking a look at what is up to.

... Mmm... love it when SSLLabs gives me an A+ rating...