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... but it does make it vitally important that you do a composer update after your git checkout to rebuild the autoloader

Just switched @withknown to use the composer class loader rather than the, now deprecated, symfony one. Fairly big change, but hopefully an invisible one.

Anyone out there with any AWS contacts?

Latest @withknown git patch contains a full symfony components upgrade, which required a db schema update. Should be fine, but it goes without saying that you do a full db update before installing and doing a composer update!

Because the versioning was getting silly, I've switched to using conventions for @withknown, so you will start seeing minor and patch version number increases going forward.

Folks who are having trouble connecting @withknown to twitter could do well to update both their Known install and twitter plugin. Recently pushed changes...

Voted. Wasn't sure who for, as there were so many! Thankfully someone had helpfully put an arrow next to one of the boxes, so I picked that one.

Few more deprecated methods in the latest git head of @withknown, so devs check your logs!

I merged a few Known changes that makes a bit of a start clearing out some of the bad practices in core (including not having everything under the sun defined as public). However, folk might want to hold off following the bleeding edge for a while until plugin authors catch up