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After several decades I now actually own a mirror! Life goals complete, I can die now.

The first step to getting what you want is to first define what that actually is. An obvious first step, often missed.

The long summer is over, and the white Ravens have been dispatched. Related, sod this noise.

Oh God.... Coffee.

I've just this minute realised I've MP3s in my collection that are older than the ages of my cousin's kids combined...

Today I had an unknown substance injected into my arm, because Science!

I'm sure super powers will follow shortly.

While I'm sure everyone appreciates a job well done, the loud coital vocalisations from my neighbours this summers eve are rather distracting... not to mention... disturbing.

If you're struggling to work out why Netbeans no longer works correctly on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS it is because Netbeans doesn't work with JRE > 1.8. Download and install the Oracle 1.8 JDK.

I waste hours and hours so you don't have to.

Couple of @withknown changes this w/e: CLI installer can now handle non-MySQL database engines, and I've moved JS/CSS minify from yui to Grunt (as it should better handle es6, and also gives us more options moving forward)