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Clearing house - audio captured an old tape I found, and am now playing a ZX spectrum game I wrote in the 1980s

Oh Amber Rudd, please be quiet... grown-ups are talking...

Updated all client code to send an email inbox/dev slack on a PHP fatal error/uncaught exception. Pos the most useful thing I've ever done.

A triumph of racism over national interest: well done you dumbass brexiters

What do responsible people do with obsolete computer equipment which is old, but still works..?

In these days of Trump and , sadly still relevant: Don't be a sucker!

Mail server appears to have died, if you need me then nudge me on IM...

Just wrote to my new MP about , for what it's worth...

Recommendations for non-google non US/UK secure mail hosting company which allows for multiple domains and email addresses..?

Biggest question in UK politics right now: is the government corrupt and incompetent, or are they incompetent and corrupt?