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Beer sales in the UK restricted because of a shortage of CO2. We are in the end times.

Stop using the word "less" when you mean "fewer". People of the internets, learn how to words good!

.... and Trump locks in his second term.

I've just updated @withknown's version of Font Awesome. Plugin authors, you might need to change your class names...

Playing around with React.js

I'm looking at relocating and working abroad for a year or two towards the end of this year/beginning of next. Don't really care where, but bonus points if it's warm and not too war torn. Haven't a clue where to begin finding contracts, any ideas where to start?

"I am cooking schnitzel, yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yum!" ... to the tune of Fiddler on the roof - if I were a rich man

You know you may be suffering from low blood sugar when you finish a particularly frustrating email exchange with "Understanding is not required, only obedience."

Time for lunch.

While I understand the need of GDPR, and I think it's a move into the right direction, all the extra work it's meant I've had to do these last few weeks has almost been enough to change my position on