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So, there's nothing really to see here. I'm just going to ramble on a bit, because I want to have a really really long tweet in order to test twitter's new 280 character length tweets cross posted from my @withknown account. Lets see how this goes...

According to the MST, Sutherland was the 377th US mass shooting of 2017. Thoughts and Prayers obviously working then.

Asynchronous @withknown queues should now work with MongoDB, check Known diagnostics to see if your driver needs updating for it to work..

Also hacked together a first draft @withknown video transcoding tool...

Pushed a fix for a long standing @withknown HTTP_RANGE bug which affected some files in chrom(e|ium)

Pushed a fix to image proxying in @withknown to better handle some URLs

All to believable in the current climate:

Absolutely totally the right thing to do & I can see no possible way this'll go spectacularly wrong *slow hand clap*

Unexpectedly free, so pushed a couple of @withknown fixes, including audio file updating and better handling of large exports.