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I'm currently having a conversation with a friend, who's on the other side of the planet, 35,000ft in the air, travelling at mach 0.8. I know us GenWhatevers are meant to be all cynical and jaded about this sort of thing, but how is everyone not dumbstruck in awe all the time?

The latest @withknown build has a command line installer. Wrote this to solve a specific problem I was having, but hopefully will be useful to other folk...

For christ's sake, could someone please disable Trump's twitter account before he gets us all killed?

Trying to debug an issue by running an ubuntu virtual machine inside a windows virtual machine on an ubuntu host.

I feel modern computing has got rather farcical at this point.

Turns on radio. Discovers we're about to go to war with Russia. Turns radio off.

... and for those crossing the Isis at iffley lock:

Because I don't want wet feet, I may be taking an alternative route home:

Happy Easter! May Jesus' zombified corpse feast on the brains of your enemies!

Belting this out while doing Easter weekend chores, and probably massively pissing off the neighbours.

In the words of Pooh, "all that wet for nothing!". This is exactly why people buy shit from Amazon...