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@benwerd Right, well, I can tell you what works for me, but of course YMMV.

My daily routine involves pullups, pressups and some variation of kettlebell (swings or presses usually). I totally recommend getting yourself a pullup bar and a set of kettlebells (16, 24 & a 32 will do you), there's so much you can do and resistance training is probably the best thing to do for (sustained) weight loss.

Running is good too, and I found that the app Zombies Run was the single greatest thing to make me run, that and having shotover on my doorstep of course (which is a problem in the new gaff, but I'll figure something out I guess).

What you do is largely unimportant, the important thing is that you stick to it, which brings me on to the most important recommendation:

Make it fun.

So, biggest thing you can do is find a regular activity that you enjoy that has other people in it - I picked climbing and capoeira. They're highly social, and totally nothing to do with tech, and importantly, since I find them so enjoyable, I'll head out and do them even when I'm tired after work and it's bucketing down with rain.

You also mention you're in a co-working space. Rope one or two of your coworkers into being exercise buddies, join the club together, or at least work out a lunchtime exercise routine, and make sure you all motivate each other to do it... makes it so much easier!