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What do responsible people do with obsolete computer equipment which is old, but still works..?

In these days of Trump and , sadly still relevant: Don't be a sucker!

Mail server appears to have died, if you need me then nudge me on IM...

Just wrote to my new MP about , for what it's worth...

Recommendations for non-google non US/UK secure mail hosting company which allows for multiple domains and email addresses..?

Biggest question in UK politics right now: is the government corrupt and incompetent, or are they incompetent and corrupt?

So, our corrupt and incompetent government has pulled £1bn out of their arse to give to far right terrorist sympathisers in order to hold on to power, but nurses still have to go to food banks and poor people burn alive because it was more important that buildings look nice to rich neighbours than be actually safe to live in?

Are you actually shitting me? Why have we not lynched these cunts yet?

We shouldn't live in a world where I have to go on fucking youtube to find instructions to change a lightbulb. Related, bathroom halogen recessed light fittings suck balls.

New found respect for the Queen giving the Tories a Royal trolling today!

Note to self, if you want to be productive, don't take antihistamines in the morning.