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Can anyone suggest a javascript library to do link preview / url unfurling? Seems like something that should be solved by now...

Fever The Ghost : ... this may be my new favourite video.

That thing when you go to the shops and realise the Daily Mail front page you thought was satire was actually real.

In June, May will be over.

Waitrose caramel Easter eggs look like little chocolate xenomorph eggs. I wonder if they have chocolate face huggers in side...

Increasingly embarrassed by the puerile nation I happen to have a passport for, looking forward to Scottish independence.

They want to strip me of my identity, rights & deport half my friends and family. There is no common ground with brexiters.

So, the UK has begun its grand experiment as a xenophobia based economy. This can't possibly go wrong.

Ha! Thanks @ukip, I've not laughed this hard in a while!