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Shouldn't work, but here's tonight's soundtrack:

For any folks who are using it, I've backported the extraction stuff I did for @withknown url unfurl into php-ogp: updated both.

Just pushed an update to @withknown hosted which should fix the issues some people were having with bookmarks, let me know if you're still having trouble!

That biennial trepidation at the prospect of upgrading a Debian install remotely over SSH.

HT Someone in my follows (which I can't find now, but awesome, thanks): curl -s

Why the hell did we bother with all those hundreds tens and units crap at school when the Japanese multiplication method is just *so much easier*?

Fixed the @withknown Vagrant build and moved it out of core into its own repo: ... tidy, and more flexible.

Ahh, that worked. @withknown now supports the new 280 char length in tweets, update your twitter plugin and restart your async queue service if you run that...

Ahh... ok... maybe this will work. Going to ramble on a little bit more, as I think I may have worked out where that character limit was being applied... If so, I'll have to do some documentation updates... lets see how this goes...

Urgh, that's irritating. Looks like there's another limit being applied somewhere... so much for a two second fix. Ahh well, another day...