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What options are there for moving to the US for ~1-2 years?

Writing exercises are hard. But insomnia means it's not even 8:30 and I've already written ~20K words. More coffee needed though...

I have just received a spam containing nothing but the statement "I have a wet litter", and a link. I... I don't know what to make of this... except maybe send a towel? Poor puppies.

My Fucks budget this month has already been blown, I'm now having do dig into June's Fucks budget in order to give any.

When something bad happens to you, your first assumption should be that you have done something wrong.

Gosh. This sort of shit never happens in the old berg

Take a moment to remember the victims of 's murderous ideology. Fuck that guy, and everything he said.

Wait. Labyrinth is on Netflix? Guess what I'm watching this evening...

Opposition prep - arguing forcefully for an alternative position than your own - is an interesting intellectual exercise & something I should do more. It forces you to do the research, and to understand where others are coming from. Occasionally you get your own mind changed.

Filter bubbles are a problem, but they can also be mapped. I wonder if social networks should start doing negative "You may also NOT like..." for shared news, which suggests something that people outside your bubble are sharing a lot? Straightforward, but could be interesting...