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Character encoding is really hard, who knew?

TIL while putting soaking wet trainers in the tumble dryer may seem like a good idea, it isn't.

Today, this shall be my jam: - Carpenter Brut - Turbo Killer

It seems the @metoffice has started blocking Tor users. Thanks.

Awesome tech companies with a political / social focus, ideally in Europe. Suggestions?

Is he entitled to his own beliefs? Yes. But not if he's going to be in a position to push them on the rest of the country

OH, Woman shouting at her kids: "Aramis! Come here now, I wish to talk to you!". I think there's a reason my nearest shop is a Waitrose...

Science works bitches! Climate deniers, God botherers and folk who think opinions are the same thing as facts can go suck it.

Apropos, could @cloudflare finally pull the plug on 4chan?

No platform for Nazis. Lets all commit to boycott any company that supports these arseholes in any way.