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Meanwhile, in the UK's ever faster march towards fascism: Government bars foreign academics from advising on Brexit

Loving this NiN mix. Helping me work, although its not long before I can no longer resist the urge to dance:

Going to coin the term "Average for Abingdon", a chocolate box pretty town full of small minded, knuckle dragging, chromosome deficient, brexity fucktards, who are afraid of any form of progress:

Excellent breakdown on the NSA hack by Edward Snowden, absolutely worth a read:

Midweek project scoping, and this is my jam. Get in your earballs.

Anyone out there done VSO? What was your first step, and how did you get on?

When breakdowns have breakdowns

One more classic from the weekend...

Bad news, post Brexit, Sterling has totally tanked. Good news, for those of us who get paid in USD, Sterling has totally tanked!

I read that BoJo is now foreign secretary, and had to check that I wasn't reading an Onion article.